Packages with text only format courses Packages with audio/video format courses
Title Cost Hours Purchase
Salesperson's Renewal $100.00 24
Broker's Renewal $125.00 30
Broker Management Clinics $36.00 9
First Time Renewal $75.00 18
Title Cost Hours Purchase
Salesperson's Renewal $100.00 24
First Time Renewal $75.00 18
Text format individual courses, $20.00 each Audio/video format individual courses, $20.00 each
Title Category Action Demo
Representation Issues Agency Law
Arizona Commissioner’s Rules* Comm. Stds.
BMC #1 - Protecting the Public Comm. Stds.
BMC #2 - Effective Broker Communication Comm. Stds.
BMC #3 - Effective Broker Risk Management Comm. Stds.
Arizona Contract Law Contract Law
Contract Law Case Studies Contract Law
Managing The Litigious Environment Disclosure
Working Effectively With The Multi-Cultural Client Fair Housing
Arizona Property Management Concepts Legal Issues
The Standard Of Care in Today’s Market Legal Issues
Title Category Action Demo
Agency Case Studies Agency Law
Agency Duties & Obligations Agency Law
The Code & The Standards* Comm. Stds.
Financial Issues In Contract Writing Contract Law
Disclosure and Risk Management Disclosure
Attracting & Working With Foreign Clients Fair Housing
R.E. Advertising Law & Branding Your Business Legal Issues
The Standard of Care Legal Issues

* The Arizona Commissioner’s Rules class also satisfies the NAR 2022-2024 Ethics requirement.